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(the boring part)

My official career started in 2001 when I joined a large financial service provider firm offering investment planning solutions for families. Worked myself up to manage a team of 32. Then I transitioned to work for multinational companies in the telecommunication sector, taking multiple positions in sales and marketing.

In 2010 it was time to start my own business, so I created my first small marketing agency, providing planning and brand strategy consulting for SMBs. My endeavor grew into multiple companies, providing communication, brand strategy, and business development solutions, increasing the revenue by 12x in three years.

In 2020 the pandemic hit us too, and I had to downsize, letting go of everything I built and focusing on my core service and the thing that drives me:
Creating personal value within a business framework. 

During these 20 years, I acquired a bachelor's degree in Marketing, a master's degree in Communication and Media studies, a postgraduate degree in Mental Health Counseling, and a Cognitive Psychology approach-based Business & Life Coaching certificate.
I live with my aviation professional / photographer wife, Krisztina, in Dubai, UAE.

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WHO I AM... real life

Hello, I'm thrilled to meet you!

My name is Shaun. I was born in 1980 in Budapest, Hungary, the son of a Hungarian mother and a South African father.

We traveled a lot around the world because my parents were performing artists in the circus industry. Multiculturalism is in my DNA.


During my school years, I always felt like an outsider. The pressure of performing well in school and later in life always took a toll on me because I'm introverted and inherently sensitive. Alas, fearing failure and rejection kept me from opening up and putting myself out there.

It took me years of therapy, three years in personal development workgroups, and being the apprentice to my mentor and coach to understand my values. Self-awareness through empathy and introspection is one of my superpowers. Staying humble and assertive at the same time is my guideline for the future.


Learning is a never-ending journey; I gain the most knowledge from working with my clients. I raise my hat to them as they face their fearful challenges and learn to create coping mechanisms, searching for their unique calling. My admiration and respect for my clients will never end.

My mission is to establish genuine connections, serve my clients in their best interest, help them understand their motives, and teach them the tool of self-awareness to use for a better life.

Shaun Conyers leadership consulting
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