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What Some of the Clients Have Said

My life was always hard shipped via my regular panic attack and mood swings. It was difficult for me to find meaning in my life. After participating in Shaun's The Shifter program, I established my short-term goals, providing clarity in my life and reducing my anxiety about life. My key learning is: that if you have a sense of direction in your life, the power will shift back to you. Highly recommended empathetic professional!

Dora H. - personal assistant

After inheriting a director positions in the company I've worked for, I felt insecure and lack of authority. Shaun helped me find and utilize my inner resources, strengthened my communication skills, and opened my empathy toward my colleagues. I've learned that leadership without empathy is just pure management, and it's easy to get lost.
Thank you, Shaun, for shining a light on my values and resources and making me believe in my leadership!

Pal V. - managing director

As a PM in IT, my task was easy on paper, but every project meant a constant inner battle for me. My perfectionism was holding back the company's workflow, jeopardizing my career. Working with Shaun made me realize that I need a new paradigm in decision-making and have to streamline my communication. Becoming more effective saved my job and saved my time to spend with my family and daughter.

Adam A. - project manager

Since my teenage years, I have always had the goal of becoming a pilot. The masculinity, professionalism, and authority associated with the job were luring. After 10+ years of flying, I wanted rapid change. Thanks to Shaun, I didn't jump straight into the unknown, at the brink of a recession without a plan. Shaun made me understand my deep internal motives and helped me gain a new perspective. I still love what I'm doing, but we are together working on a Life Changer program to find out what the future hold for me - in a responsible way.

Matthew S. - commercial pilot

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